chemyx fusion HP syringe pump syringe loaded
chemyx fusion HP syringe pump syringe loaded

Fusion HP


Fusion HP high-pressure syringe is a heavy-duty high-pressure syringe pump designed for elevated pressures in research, industrial, and manufacturing applications. This system delivers 1 Ton (2200 lbs) of pushing force and is the most powerful benchtop linear pump system on the market. This specialized high-pressure syringe pump is designed for demanding conditions associated with supercritical fluids, hydraulic fracturing, and nano-encapsulation which exist at temperatures and pressures beyond their critical points.

The Fusion HP high-pressure syringe pump is engineered with materials and components that can withstand challenging conditions often at pressures exceeding 10,000 psi, including heavy-duty drive shafts, high-performance drive transmission, and corrosion-resistant metal outer enclosure.

Like all Chemyx syringe pumps, the Fusion HP employs an advanced micro-stepping stepper motor to precisely regulate and maintain a stable and controlled flow rate. Additionally, these pumps have optional pressure detection and syringe heaters allowing researchers and engineers to fine-tune experimental conditions for materials science, pharmaceuticals, and environmental process analysis.



Frequently Asked Questions

How much force can the Fusion HP deliver?

1 Ton, 2200lbs, 907kg


How is Fusion HP different from the Fusion 6000-X?
  1. The Fusion HP high-pressure syringe pump has 1 ton(2200lbs) linear pushing force as compared to 700lbs max on the Fusion 6000. This equates to about 3 times more pressure across all syringes used.
  2. The Fusion HP is housed in a metal enclosure with a central pass though. This new enclosure is designed for light manufacturing and harsher operating conditions.
  3. The Fusion HP uses a gear drive transmission to obtain precision, speed, and force. This is different from micro syringe pumps are built with a pulley that limits the maximum power.
Why is there a central pass through on the Fusion HP syringe pump?

The central pass-through is for convenient cleaning and discharge of build-up that sometimes occurs during pump cycles.
Typically in high-pressure pumping environments, the solution pumped acts as a “lubricant” for the plunger of the syringe. During cyclical back-and-forth movements, the lubricant film will accumulate at the back of the syringe plunger and require discharge.
In many micro syringe pumps the feature of a “spill dam” is hidden in the box design that allows for spilled fluids to not impact the touch screen and UI areas.

What type of syringes can be used with system?

The Fusion HP high-pressure syringe pump can accept any metal and plastic syringe that will fit in the clamps. However, this system is designed primarily for metal syringes for high-pressure applications.
Chemyx offers a wide variety of metal pressure syringes in 316 Stainless, Nitronic50, and Hastelloy C.

Why can this system use plastic syringes and not glass?

The 1-ton pushing force can easily shatter glass syringes.
There are many applications where dosing is more about viscosity (like dosing a caulking compound) rather than pushing against pressure. In those applications, it is perfectly acceptable to use a plastic syringe. Glass syringes under those conditions will shatter and burst leading to safety issues.

ModeInfuse / Withdraw
Accuracy± < 0.35%
Reproducibility± < 0.2%
Syringe Size (Min/Max)0.5µL to 300mL Stainless Steel Syringe
Syringe TypeStainless Steel Recommended
Syringe Heating Sleeve Temperatureup to 80°C
Minimum Flow Rate.0001 µL/min (with 0.5µL syringe)
Maximum Flow Rate2061 mL/min (with 300mL syringe)
Linear Force2200lbs (907kg or 1 Ton)
Maximum PressureSee Max Pressure for Chemyx Syringes
Maximum Viscosity2,000,000 - 5,000,000 cP
Display4.3 inch LCD Touch Screen
ConnectivityUSB-C, USB-B, RS232 and TTL Ports
System Dimensions
Power110/220 VAC
Weight46lbs (21kg)
Motor Drive1.8˚ MicroStepper Motor
Step Resolution0.15625 µm/step
Operating Temperature4°C to 40°C (40°F to 104°F)
Storage Temperature-10°C to 70°C (14°F to 158°F)
Humidity20% to 80% RH, non-condensing
Installation CategoryII
Regulatory ComplianceCE, RoHS, REACH, ETL
Designed For High Pressure

The advanced Fusion 8000 is high-pressure syringe pump engineered to deliver highly viscous fluids with exceptional precision under consistent flow rates and elevated pressures. This system boasts a linear force capability of up to 2000lb making it an essential tool for industries where high-pressure fluid handling is needed in critical processes.

Fusion HP High Pressure Syringe pump
Precision Meets 2000lbs Linear Force

Like all Chemyx syringe pumps, the Fusion 8000 high pressure syringe pump uses a micro stepping technology to achieve sub-micron movement resolution and when combined with a precision engineered gear train transmission, greatly increases the force to 20-50 times over standard syringe pumps to 2000lbs linear force.

Fusion HP High Pressure Syringe pump
Optimized for Engineering Workflow

The Fusion 8000 high pressure syringe pump is engineered for realistic demanding work conditions.  The system features a metal enclosure with a central spill pass through that allows for easy cleaning while high pressure operating conditions.  This allows researchers and engineers to efficiently optimize applications in oil and gas, water treatment, and manufacturing, where the ability to move fluids under high pressure is essential for various processes and systems.

Match Operating Conditions

Additionally,  pressure detection and syringe heaters allow the Fusion 8000 to mimic real world conditions for materials science, pharmaceuticals, and environmental process analysis.

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