Chemyx Syringe Pumps

Chemyx syringe pumps are designed for R&D activities including biotechnology, pharmaceutical research, and chemical research in laboratories. Chemyx delivers exceptional precision with each of its high-quality syringe pumps and high-pressure pumps also work for industrial manufacturing processes including oil & gas industries.

Chemyx Pumps In Research & Industry

For over 20 years, Chemyx has been dedicated to bringing reliable scientific-grade syringe pumps to laboratories for microfluidic dosing, chemical development, industrial coatings, neuroscience, biomedical engineering, and other applications. As a leading syringe pump manufacturer, we strive to help advance the rate of research and development in every industry we serve with syringe pumps that provide highly precise, consistent, and reproducible fluidic delivery.

Featured New Product

Fusion 4000 Syringe Pump

Fusion 4000 Syringe Pump

This syringe pump system allows for complex dual-rate, push-pull, and oscillatory flow requirements for challenging research applications. Featuring an all-glass interface and precision-machined metal design, the Fusion 4000 syringe pump is chemically resistant and offers superior durability for various types of lab environments.

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Chemyx Programmable Syringe Pumps

Chemyx programmable syringe pump devices orchestrate the performance of various technologies, making modern research into novel materials, drugs, and energy resources possible.

The Fusion series represents the forefront of Chemyx’s syringe pumps. This series ensures pulseless, reproducible flow rates for a wide range of analytical techniques and applications.

  • The Fusion 100X is a two-channel infusion pump engineered for the majority of precision dosing applications with ease of use and a system value that is unmatched in its class.
  • The Fusion 200X modular syringe pump includes infuse and withdraw racks that allow pulling functionality to precisely withdraw fluids.
  • The Fusion 4000X is perfect if your laboratory requires a programmable syringe pump with two independently controlled channels, allowing for complex dual rate, push-pull, and oscillatory flow research applications.
  • The Fusion 6000X is used for high-pressure conditions. It is designed for dosing viscous solutions and injecting semi-solid materials. Furthermore, the Fusion 6000-X system has additional features such as heated syringe temperature control and pressure modulation.

If your budget is more limited, we also offer certified refurbished Classic models of the Fusion 100-X. In addition, we manufacture and sell an OEM pump module, a versatile bolt-on microfluidic pump designed for integration into analytical instruments requiring precision flow functionality with a removable syringe.

Chemyx’s selection of infusion pump parts and accessories brings enhanced functions to your syringe pump setup. Whether you require an 11-channel syringe rack, stainless steel syringes, or power adapters, we carry the precision instruments that produce dependable results to help push your field forward. Browse our collection of programmable syringe pump equipment today and feel free to contact us with any of your questions.