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Chemyx Inc. is a pump manufacturing company that develops and manufactures microsyringe pumps and high-pressure syringe pump systems for R&D and manufacturing applications in biotech, pharmaceutical, chemical, advanced materials, and oil & gas industries. We are widely recognized and cited in thousands of research journals and lead the lead infusion pump field in precision dosing, microfluidics, mass spec calibration, and related applications.

Chemyx syringe pumps are designed with precision machined components that provide precise and accurate volumes of liquid at controlled flow rates. Our syringe pumps support the most advanced leading scientific research fields and advanced industrial manufacturing including additive artificial tissue printing, synthetic plant-based meat substitutes nanofiber manufacturing, and aerospace coatings. For more specific application requirements, our infusion pump engineers also fabricate custom systems and can provide additional OEM manufacturing services that expand our customers’ offerings in the market.

A leader in innovation, Chemyx was the first infusion pump manufacturer to develop the next-generation syringe pump with an interactive LCD interface and integrated syringe database. Today, our infusion pump company continues to push advancements in the laboratory services industry to facilitate and further the research of the world’s scientists, academics, and manufacturing companies.

History of Innovation and Growth


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