Swagelok Fittings are for connecting stainless steel tubing and Luer Lock Fittings are for connecting with soft material-based tubing. Watch this Instructional Video For How To Connect Syringe With Stainless Steel Tube and here Fittings for Chemyx Stainless Steel Syringes .For more information please see “Fittings for Chemyx Stainless Steel Syringes”
Yes, the Fusion 4000-X is a two independently controlled precision syringe pump that allows two syringes to be set up to run simultaneously or independently.
1. Press one time: start
2. Press one time (while in running mode): Stop
3. Press two times quickly (i.e. tap-tap twice while in running mode): Pause
4. Press one time (while in pause mode): start again
Chemyx Syringe Pumps are not for human use.
2-Year Limited Warranty: First year for Parts and Labor and Second Year for Parts only
Chemyx provides free drivers for LabView MatLab but does NOT offer any customer support for computer support or connectivity.
Please see below the types of our syringe pumps: Infuse/Withdraw Pressure and Temperature Control : Fusion 6000-X Syringe Pump
Infuse/Withdraw Cycle mode/Continuous Flow : Fusion 4000-X Syringe Pump
Infuse/Withdraw : Fusion 2000-X Syringe Pump
Infuse Only : Fusion 100-X Syringe Pump
OEM Infuse/Withdraw two independent channels : Fusion 4000 OEM Syringe Pump
OEM infuse only : OEM Syringe Pump
Yes, please request a quote at Request a Quote using your university email.