History of Innovation and Growth

Starting development in the year 2000, Chemyx is one of the largest scientific syringe pump instrument companies worldwide. Chemyx works hard to provide the best user experience with a user-friendly design, incorporating touchscreen interfaces and easy programming of flow rate and volume parameters of the liquid being dispensed. Additionally, the pumps are designed to be compact and lightweight, making them easy to move and store. A historically close collaboration with the scientific, biotech, pharma, and industrial communities is the key to Chemyx’s tradition of innovation and success. Allowing users’ ideas to lead us and developing solutions tailored to meet their requirements allows the company to continually provide customers with the best technical solutions for their businesses.


Key Milestones of Chemyx


Year Event

2022 – Chemyx releases High-pressure OEM syringe pump module lines.

2020 – Chemyx releases FusionX syringe pump lines.

2017 – Chemyx releases 2 innovative new products the Nexus 4000 and Nexus 6000.

2016 – Chemyx strengthens OEM product line with new modules

2015 – User experience development center founded

2010 – OEM pump modules developed for Mass Spectrometer and instrument integration companies

2009 – Touch Series Syringe Pumps released – the most popular and widely cited volumetric infusion pumps in research

2008 – Chemyx Releases the Nexus high-performance line

2007 – Chemyx OEM division allows for custom design services for the mass spectrometer and water treatment markets

2006 – The company releases the Fusion line of syringe pumps one of the most cited precision pumps on the market

2005 – Chemyx Inc. officially founded

2004 – Second generation of PC-controlled volumetric infusion pumps built and deployed

2003 – Prototype syringe pumps built and deployed in numerous pharmaceutical companies for testing

2002 – The original syringe pumps concept was formed by servicing automation needs in multiple drug development labs

2000 – Automation group develops multifunction volumetric infusion pumps for drug development labs