See How Chemyx Products Are Used in Different Industries and Applications


Microfluidics is a field of research that explores the interactions of liquids in tiny micrometer scale channels. Chemyx provides technology and tools for scientists to control fluid physics at micro and cellular scales.

Chemical Development

Chemical development over the last 20 years has seen dramatic improvement in performance in catalysis, energy storage, novel active pharmaceutical ingredients, nano-materials, and light manipulation. Chemyx electronic syringe pumps are support instruments that assist reaction systems for this type of R&D.

Mass Spec / ESI

Chemyx is one of the largest suppliers of calibration and direct infusion pumps for the Mass Spectrometry (MS) market. We offer custom development services as well as integrations solutions for MS manufacturers.

High-Pressure Dosing

Chemyx high-pressure pumps allow for the precise addition of reagents that are critical and in process and in the chemical, oil, and gas industry. Research in fracking and using supercritical CO2 necessitated the need for pumps capable of delivering liquefied gases reliably and precisely.


In Neuroscience, scientists use Chemyx electronic syringe pumps to infuse drug and agents to study the microscopic structure of neurons, biochemical processes, macroscopic brain functions and its relation to behavior, emotions, cognition, and effects.

Manufacturing & Microdispensing

Chemyx precision electronic syringe pumps are used for dispensing for industrial applications involved in a wide range of applications from chemical/electronics manufacturing to water treatment to food and dairy additives in food processing, catalysts, petroleum additives, photo chemicals, and inks.