Neuroscience is the study of the nervous system, in which scientists investigate the full spectrum of the brain.  Scientists research topics ranging from the microscopic structure of the neuron, biochemical processes, macroscopic brain functions and its relation to behavior, emotions, cognition, and effects. Chemyx neuroscience devices support numerous functions in this field by providing an apparatus for drug and agent infusion.

Chemyx neuroscience syringe pumps are reliable and convenient tools for delivery of highly precise amounts of agents into an animal or an animal targeted specific site of action like a brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerve or organ. Whether used for continuous infusion or targeted bolus delivery, Chemyx infusion syringe pumps have been used to infuse a variety of materials including drugs of abuse, neurotrophic factors, neurotransmitters, and receptor antagonists. Some of our life science syringe pumps also support stereotaxic frames for site-specific infusion.

Recommended Products

Fusion 100-X Syringe Pump

Standard micro infusion pump system with constant infusion and bolus functionality

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Nanojet Syringe Pump - MRI Compatible
NanoJet Stereotaxic Syringe Pump

MRI compatible stereotaxic pump designed for positional infusion

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Chemyx Syringe Pump
Fusion 4000-X Dual Independent Channels Syringe Pump

With the most precise and smallest step resolution on the market, this 2 independent channel syringe pump for saline + drug infusion.

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