Pressure Sensor for Fusion 6000-X with Fittings

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Chemyx Pressure sensor works for Fusion 6000-X pumps only. By using a pressure sensor, it allows the syringe pump to maintain and monitor a user-defined pressure inside the stainless steel syringe. To connect the pressure sensor with a syringe you should connect to a Syringe fitting 1/8 NPT x 1/8 tube OD. After setting up the syringe pump pressure sensor, the pressure reading will be displayed on the pump screen.

  • The measurement range of the pressure sensor is up to 2000 PSI
  • The full range accuracy is 0.5%
  • Response time is 1 second
  • The minimum reading is 0.2 PSI

Please refer to the links below of how to connect the pressure sensor to the pump.
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