Markets Served

Chemyx precision syringe pumps can be found in life science research, chemical research and petrochemical disciplines associated with new material sciences, the manufacturing industry, and chemical and industrial processing.  Chemyx products also are cited in thousands of published research articles in many prestigious publications around the world.


R&D Laboratory

Our precision pump instruments are workhorse instruments for research labs all over the world. High-performance infusion pump solutions help to improve materials and allow researchers to perform discovery that accelerate the development of new chemicals and materials.  From microfluidics chips for drug discovery to precision reaction dosing Chemyx pumps are trusted in demanding lab environments.

Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spectrometers require precise analytical measurements. Our MS direct infusion calibration pumps can be tailored to each customer’s application and provide a fully documented workflow for every manufacturer.

Manufacturing & Production

Our infusion pump machines offer precise liquid dispensing support functions for aerospace coatings, synthetic tissue, nanofibers,  ink manufacturing, water plants, and bio-reactors and dairy plants to continuously ensure product quality and meet regulatory standards. Our pump connectivity solutions make data collection and integration into PLC and process control systems efficient and flexible.

Organs & Bio-Additive Manufacturing

Syringe pumps are often used in the field of biomedical engineering to help create artificial organs. These pumps are used to deliver precise volumes of fluids, such as cells or other bodily fluids, to mimic the natural functions of organs in the body and to simulate the movement fluids to allow artificial organs to function properly.  Some pumps are also used to deposit layers of cells for tissue additive manufacturing.