10 Channels Rack for Syringe Pump

10-Syringe Expanding Infuse/Withdraw Rack For Fusion 200 (syringe not included)

Item No: 50003 


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Enhance your Fusion 200 two-channel syringe pump system with this precision-machined syringe holder, which allows for up to 10 simultaneous injections at onceThe maximum size of the syringe that can be used in this syringe organizer is 10mL plastic or glass syringes, or four 20mL plastic syringes. We also offer a 4-Channel Metal Syringe Holder Rack for our Fusion 200-X high precision syringe pump,  4-Channel Metal Syringe Holder Rack for our Fusion 6000 high-pressure syringe pump, and an 11-Channel Simultaneous Injection Syringe Pump Rack for the Fusion 100-X.