Nexus 6000 Certified refurbished

Item No: Nexus 6000R 

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Chemyx Certified Refurbished

We clean, test, and certify all Chemyx refurbished products and include a 6 months warranty. All refurbished Chemyx Pumps include a power cord. Quantity is limited and availability is guaranteed once we receive your full payment. Some of these used infusion pumps are just like new, while others might have slight wear or cosmetic damage and are discounted accordingly.

30-Day Return Policy

If you have any questions about this refurbished Nexus 6000 High Pressure Syringe Pump, contact a Customer Care representative at +1 281-277-5499 or

Designed to deliver highly viscous fluids with extreme precision, the Nexus 6000R provides 500lb of linear force, making it the most powerful benchtop system available.

With seamless RS232 connectivity and the simple, intuitive programming that is built into every Chemyx system, the Nexus 6000R streamlines operations in any laboratory workflow. Perfect for high-pressure applications such as pressure dosing, CO2 extraction, and hydraulic fracturing research, this unit is built to live up to the Chemyx standard of 99.96% accuracy, so thousands of scientists around the world can depend on consistent, reproducible results.