The Chemyx Innovation Award Program aspires to celebrate new cutting-edge technology just like that was used to design precision syringe pumps. We are excited to contribute our part to the new generation of innovators.

Award Recipients

Dr. Livia S. Eberlin - Assistant Professor of Chemistry at UT Austin

The Eberlin laboratory develops innovative mass spectrometry technologies to tackle complex problems in biomedical research that have defied analysis by traditional methods. Their goal is to develop ambient ionization mass spectrometry techniques that could enable new discoveries in cancer biology and that could also be translated for routine used in the clinical environment. The techniques that the Eberlin laboratory uses for analysis of clinical samples are in their majority based on liquid-extraction principles. As such, they rely heavily on the syringe pumps from Chemyx to provide highly precise, consistent, and reproducible fluidic delivery for their experiments. For example, the Mass Spec Pen developed by the Eberlin lab uses a single water droplet to extract molecules from tissues, which is then transferred and analyzed by mass spectrometry and statistical methods to provide a rapid diagnosis. In this experiment, the Chemyx Fusion 100C has been used to precisely deliver a single water droplet to the handheld pen device.

Dr. Aaron Streets - Assistant Professor of Bioengineering at UC Berkeley

Aaron Streets, PhD, talks about his laboratory’s development of tools for the study of single cells, and how winning the Chemyx grant will enable new avenues of study into microfluidics. To learn more about Aaron’s work, visit