What To Do If Your Chemyx Syringe Pump Stalls?

If you are starting to experience stalling issues with your Chemyx syringe pump system, there are a few questions to determine the root cause and get your motorized syringe pump working again.

Does the pump stall without any syringes?

If not, then the stall may have been caused by too much back pressure.

Try using a smaller syringe and/or setting a slower flow rate to minimize stall occurrences.

Is your pump 3+ years old?

If yes, then it might be due for repair. You can email info@chemyx.com with the SN of your pump. That number is on the back of the motorized syringe pump, below the barcode. We will send you the RA number and repair shipping instructions. The average turnaround time for repairs is one week.

Is your stop bar too close to the end of the channel?

The stop-bar nut is to protect your syringe from over-plunging. You can adjust the rod by turning the knobs on the side of the pusher block. For the stop bar, you can adjust it with the Allen wrench found in the back of your pump, above the power supply.

The stop bar on the Fusion 6000 high-pressure syringe pump is designed to allow you to control the distance the pressure block stops at. It is easily adjustable, simply twist the knob and position the stob-bar to the desired place and tighten the knot.

CAUTION if you are using a glass syringe be especially careful in making sure that the stop-bar is adjusted in the proper position to prevent your syringe from breaking.

Below is a demo video:

To learn more about the Fusion 6000 high-pressure syringe pump visit the product details page here.


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