• Units used for the rate of infusion/withdrawal.
  • Units will be set and returned using an integer 0-3
    • 0 – mL/min
    • 1 – mL/hr
    • 2 – μL/min
    • 3 – μL/hr
  • The volume portion of the units are used for the volume units in commands and responses.


  • Pump pushes plunger into syringe


  • Pump will retract plunger

Transfer Mode

  • Direction syringe plunger is travelling. Value is read through status command
  • Transfer mode is returns as an integer 0-1
    • 0 – infusion
    • 1 – withdrawal


  • Inner diameter of syringe

Multi-Step Mode

  • Program the motorized syringe pump to run multiple steps in a row.
    • These steps could be infuse or withdrawal with delays between steps.

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