Application: Studies of premixed and non-premixed hydrogen flames using Chemyx Nexus 6000 Syringe Pump

Experiments in which H2O (ACS de-ionized reagent grade) was introduced into the gas phase required the use of a vaporization system. The vaporization system consists of a syringe pump, nebulizer, and heated vaporization chamber shown in Fig. 2. H2O mass flow rates were controlled using high precision syringe pumps; a Harvard Apparatus PHD 2000 for p = 1 atm experiments and a Chemyx Nexus 6000 syringe pump for elevated pressure experiments.

Fig. 2. A schematic of the high-pressure experimental configuration, including the vaporization system.

Read the Full Article Here: Studies of premixed and non-premixed hydrogen flames

Authors: Okjoo Park, Peter S. Veloo, Hugo Burbano, Fokion N. Egolfopoulos.

Date Published: Received 19 July 2014 Received in revised form 29 September 2014 Accepted 30 September 2014 Available online 20 October 2014

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