The Difference Between The Chemyx Fusion 100-X and Fusion 200-X Syringe Pumps

Here are the main differences between the Fusion 100-X Syringe Pump and the Fusion 200-X Syringe Pump:

FeaturesFusion 100-XFusion 200-X
Main CapabilityInfuse OnlyInfuse & Withdraw
Glass TouchscreenYesYes
Linear Force55lb (25kg)65lb (29.4kg)
Auto Power Switch 110V to 220VYesYes
Parameter SettingsTime or RateTime or Rate
Accessories11-Channel Infuse Holding Rack11-Channel Infuse/Withdraw Holding Rack & 4-channel Syringe Rack
*Syringes and accessories are sold separately

The Fusion 100-X Syringe Pump

The Fusion 100-X syringe pump is a programmable modular dual-channel precision infusion syringe pump that has two syringes to infuse simultaneously, a full-glass chemical resistant touch screen, a programmable multi-step mode, computer control with Lab view and other programs, an add-on 11-Syringe push rack to increase the syringe used to eleven.

The Fusion 200-X Syringe Pump

The Fusion 200-X is a programmable dual-channel infusion and withdrawal modular syringe pump. It is capable of holding two syringes to infuse and withdraw simultaneously at pulseless, reproducible rates; a programmable multi-step mode that allows users to program complex multi-step flow rates.

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