The Difference Between of NEW Chemyx Fusion 200-X and Fusion 200 Syringe Pump

The Chemyx Fusion 200-X Syringe Pump is an upgraded model of the Fusion 200 Syringe Pump.

Features of the Fusion 200-X

1. Higher Linear Force The Fusion 200-X has a higher linear force of 65lb (29.4kg) compared to the Fusion 200 which has a linear force of 50lb (23kg).

2.  Add Accessory 11-Channel Holding Rack: The Fusion 200-X syringe pump can be enhanced with this precision-machined syringe holder, which allows for up to 11 simultaneous injections. This expansion syringe rack accommodates both plastic and glass syringes with volumes from 1 μL to 10 mL, or four larger syringes of up to 20 mL. Please note: The 11-Channel Rack is only available for the Fusion 200-X(not available for the Fusion 200).

Fusion 200-X with 11-Channel Rack

3.  Add Accessory 4-Channel Holding Rack: This four-syringe rack allows you to use up to 4 syringes at once on Fusion 200-X. The maximum size of the syringe that can be used is 60ml, plastic, or glass syringes. *Please note that using four 60 mL syringes will decrease the pushing pressure, especially if your material is very viscous”. Please note: The 4-Channel Rack is only available for the Fusion 200-X (not available for the Fusion 200).

Fusion 200-X with 4 Channel Rack

4. Glass Touch Screen: The glass touch screen is chemical resistant which makes it easy to clean and prevents damage from common laboratory solvents.

Fusion 200-X with two syringes (not included)

Please see the comparison chart below for all of the new features of the Fusion 200-X and the Fusion 200 Syringe Pump.

Features NEW Fusion 200-X Fusion 200
11-Channel Holding Rack Available Not Available
Glass Color Touch Screen Yes No
Auto Power Switch 110V to 220V Yes No
Linear Force 65lb (29.4kg) 50lb (23kg)
Parameter Setting time or rate rate only

Fusion 200-X Chemyx Syringe Pump



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