The Difference Between of NEW Chemyx Fusion 200-X and Fusion 200 Syringe Pump

The Chemyx Fusion 200-X Syringe Pump is an upgraded model of the Fusion 200 Syringe Pump.

Features of the Fusion 200-X

1. Higher Linear Force The Fusion 200-X has a higher linear force of 65lb (29.4kg) compared to the Fusion 200 which has a linear force of 50lb (23kg).

2.  Add Accessory 11-Channel Holding Rack: The Fusion 200-X syringe pump can be enhanced with this precision-machined syringe holder, which allows for up to 11 simultaneous injections. This expansion syringe rack accommodates both plastic and glass syringes with volumes from 1 μL to 10 mL, or four larger syringes of up to 20 mL. Please note: The 11-Channel Rack is only available for the Fusion 200-X(not available for the Fusion 200).

Fusion 200-X with 11-Channel Rack

3.  Add Accessory 4-Channel Holding Rack: This four-syringe rack allows you to use up to 4 syringes at once on Fusion 200-X. The maximum size of the syringe that can be used is 60ml, plastic, or glass syringes. *Please note that using four 60 mL syringes will decrease the pushing pressure, especially if your material is very viscous”. Please note: The 4-Channel Rack is only available for the Fusion 200-X (not available for the Fusion 200).

Fusion 200-X with 4 Channel Rack

4. Glass Touch Screen: The glass touch screen is chemical resistant which makes it easy to clean and prevents damage from common laboratory solvents.

Fusion 200-X with two syringes (not included)

Please see the comparison chart below for all of the new features of the Fusion 200-X and the Fusion 200 Syringe Pump.

FeaturesNEW Fusion 200-XFusion 200
11-Channel Holding RackAvailableNot Available
Glass Color Touch ScreenYesNo
Auto Power Switch 110V to 220VYesNo
Linear Force65lb (29.4kg)50lb (23kg)
Parameter Settingtime or raterate only

Fusion 200-X Chemyx Syringe Pump


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