Application: Using Chemyx Fusion 200 Syringe Pump In Glaucoma By Indiana University School Of Medicine

Fusion 200 Syringe Pump / 10 Channel Syringe Rack

Our lab studies glaucoma path-biology. The major risk factor for glaucoma is increased intraocular pressure. We use the Fusion 200 syringe pump system and the 10 syringe rack, to perfuse media into the enucleated eyes at constant volume (3ul/minute) similar to the aqueous flow in the eye.  We place the anterior segment of human or porcine eyes into specially designed chambers inside the incubator to provide subsequent pressure.

The syringe is filled with DPBS or any media of interest and placed on the pump system and connected to the chamber containing the eye. The other end of the chamber is connected to the transducers. The flow is maintained at constant volume. The fluid enters the eye and flows out through the specialized tissue called the trabecular meshwork. The pressure created is detected by the transducers which are recorded in the computer connected to it. By this method, we could measure the intraocular pressure changes in the eye. This is a very useful pump system to perfuse small volumes.

Fusion 200 Syringe Pump / 10 Channel Syringe Rack


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