Application: Microfluidic Setups Using Chemyx Fusion 4000

Microfluidic setups are generally employed to investigate the fluid flow within microchannels. In our case, we are interested in observing colloidal particles(1-5 µm) under fluid flow with flow rates of the order of 5µl/min in a micron-sized channel. Apart from this, we are also looking to produce mono-dispersed micron-sized droplets using droplet forming chips which have the channel size of the order of 170µm. For smooth production of droplets, liquids of both continuous and discrete phases are needed to get injected into its channels with the typical flow rates of 5-50µl/min. For obtaining such flow rates with fewer oscillations and fluctuations, Chemyx Fusion 4000 multi-channel syringe pump has proven to be helpful.

Rahul Mangal

Assistant Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur


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