New Product Release: Fusion 6000 High Pressure Syringe Pump – Now with Heating & Pressure Controls

Chemyx Inc., the world leader in syringe pump development, today launched the Fusion 6000 high pressure precision syringe pump updated with syringe temperature control and pressure control for difficult to infuse liquids in chemical, oil and gas development.

The new Fusion® 6000 is the industry’s first, combination heating and pressured controlled in a syringe pump, designed to help researchers efficiently handle difficult R&D applications. This system is an update to the flagship Nexus 6000 system in the Chemyx syringe pump line up while still retaining the high pressure capabilities.  With heating and pressure control this pump can pump almost solid petrochemical solutions by warming up the contents of the syringe or simply giving researchers better experimental accuracy with temperature controlled reagents. Pump pressure control enables constant pressure mode and further expands this pumps function to dose into delicate glass reactors with pressure but within breakage limits delivering a substantial level of fluid control never before seen.


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