How To Lubricate A Chemyx Stainless Steel Syringe

Whenever new O-rings installed, or after frequent usage; the plunger on the stainless steel syringe may feel tight and cannot push/pull by hand. In this case, the syringe will need to be lubricated by following these steps:

  1. Pull the plunger out of the syringe
  2. Using an electrical grade Silicone lubricant spray sparsely within the syringe’s inner surface wall; rotate the syringe as necessary for even spraying. If overspray occurs, use lint-free paper to wipe down the excess lubricant.
  3. Insert the plunger, move the plunger back and forth with slight rotation for even distribution.

Watch this video for a demonstration


Chemyx Stainless Steel Syringe & Electrical Silicone Lubricant



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