Chemyx Stainless Steel Syringe O-Ring Material and Size

The O-rings used in Chemyx stainless steel syringes are Buna-N O-ring.  The Buna-N/Nitrile/NBR seals offer good mechanical performance with resistance to water, most basic oils, lubricants and some fuels, many pneumatic, hydraulic systems, and the default choice for basic applications. Buna-N o-rings are not recommended for exposure to sunlight, UV light, ozone and general outdoor weathering or hash chemicals, acids, keytones and many others.  The Buna -N O-ring also offer superior abrasion and tear resistance, and are best for heavy-duty industrial applications.  The operational temperature range of the O-ring is from -31°F to 250°F (-35°C to 121°C).

To learn more about Chemical Compatibility, we have prepared a guide for common syringe assemblies. These are only general guidelines; we recommend checking online resources to confirm compatibility with your specific media. The following is a thorough chemical compatibility resource here.

The following are O-ring sizes that are used with Chemyx Stainless Steel Syringes:

O-Ring Dimensions

Syringe Size Syringe ID O-Rings ID O-Rings OD O-Rings CS
6 mL 9.53 mm 1/4″ 3/8″ 0.070″
20 mL 19.13 mm 9/16″ 3/4″ 0.103″
50 mL 28.60 mm 15/16″ 1 1/8″ 0.103″
100 mL 34.90 mm 1 3/16″ 1 3/8″ 0.103″
200 mL 43.96 mm 1.475″ 1.711″ 0.118″


O-rings made with any material with the above inner and outer diameters can be used with Chemyx Stainless Steel Syringes.

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