On-Screen Chemical Spills

We design our touchscreens to be resistant to chemical spills, knowing that spills can happen. We advise to use safety precautions when cleaning up certain reagent spills.

As a matter of prudence, it is absolutely mandatory to clean all chemical spills as soon as possible. Below is advice on specific touch screen models that Chemyx syringe pumps feature.

Fusion 100/200 & NanoJet

The Fusion 100, Fusion 200, and NanoJet instruments have a polypropylene-coated touchscreen. Polypropylene is durable, but may dissolve in certain nonpolar solvents such as xylene. Oxidizing acids such as nitric and sulfuric acids are also incompatible with polypropylene.

We recommend cleaning such spills immediately. Although it is not a solvent compatibility issue, we also recommend avoiding prolonged, direct exposure to sunlight, since UV-induced free-radical oxidation may degrade the touchscreen over time.

Fusion 4000 & Fusion 6000

The Fusion 4000 and Fusion 6000 instruments have a glass touchscreen. Glass is generally resistant to chemical degradation, but prolonged exposure to strong bases (such as sodium hydroxide) will damage the touchscreen.

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