Direct Infusion Of ISQ EC or EM Using A Syringe Pump

Setup Setting up a direct infusion Place the syringe pump on top of the ISQ EC or EM or next to it and place the syringe into it. Then, cut a piece of PEEK tubing to a length to easily connect the syringe pump with the grounding union on the HESI source.

For cutting the PEEK tubing, use the capillary cutter provided in the ISQ EC or EM installation kit. Use the one-piece fingertight fitting to connect the tubing to the grounding union. For connecting to the syringe, use the peek union. Tighten the PEEK capillary on one side of the PEEK union and the 3 cm Teflon™ tubing on the other side of it using both times a ferrule and a two-piece fingertight fitting.

For infusion, the syringe needle can then be gently pushed into the Teflon tubing (Figure 1 and Table 1). The syringe is controlled manually. The syringe pump needs to run for a few minutes to flush the lines and push the sample liquid towards the source to create a good, stable MS signal.




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