The Fusion 4000 OEM Module

The Fusion 4000 OEM is a bolt-on microfluidic syringe pump module designed for integration into custom-made analytical instruments requiring precision flow functionality with removable syringes.

With the same specifications of the Fusion 4000 syringe pump, the Fusion 4000 OEM module is configured with two independently controlled precision syringe pump channels that allow independent dual push-pull, pulseless, reproducible flow rates operations. And it also performs oscillatory flow requirements for difficult research applications such as lipid nanoparticles delivery, microfluidic mixing, and microfluidic flow control in vaccine research and drug formulation applications. 

Like the other OEM modules, the Fusion 4000 OEM microfluidic pump module can be controlled by a computer via Teraterm or a custom-created computer program.


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