Application: Plant Based Meat Substitute R&D using Chemyx Fusion 6000-X – High Pressure Syringe Pump

Meat production in the world is causing wide spread environmental and ecological damage from forests to the oceans. Food contamination stories in the news media have raised awareness of the fact that we live with a global food supply chain that is unsustainable. Making plant based meat substitutes without an animal is increasingly becoming an important industry in the USA and abroad. CHEMYX syringe pumps are in the forefront of confronting this challenge by allowing researcher to create pressurized emulsions designed to simulate the mouth feel of meat.

For example, heterogeneous mixtures of heme-based proteins are pressurized and then extruded, to form a patty of meat substitute. CHEMYX syringe pumps are with the ability to precisely and deposit and dose under pressure, the knowledge of the pressure generated allows researchers to simulate scale up food production to design better products.

CHEMYX understands the demands of food related testing and R&D. Our precision and flow and pressure technologies, combined with experienced applications competence, and our best suited chemistries provide solutions for the precision delivery of materials from liquids from to mixed semisolids.


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