The Difference Between Fusion 4000-X and Fusion 6000-X Syringe Pumps

Here are the main differences between the Fusion 4000-X Independent Channels Syringe Pump and the Fusion 6000-X High-Pressure Syringe Pump.

Features Fusion 4000-X Fusion 6000-X
Main Capability Independent Channels High Pressure
Infuse/Withdraw Available Available
Linear Force 85lb (38.5kg) up to 700lbs (318kg)
Connectivity USB-B, RS232, RS485, and TTL Ports USB-B, RS232, and TTL Ports
Accessories 2-Syringe Holding Infuse/Withdraw Rack For Fusion 4000-X 4-Syringe Holding Infuse/Withdraw Rack For Fusion 6000 & 6000-X

The 6000-X is a High-Pressure Syringe Pump that offers a linear force of up to 700lbs (318kg). It is a perfect syringe pump in applications where high pressure is needed. The Fusion high-pressure syringe pump also allows both heating syringe sleeves and a vacuum transducer pressure sensor to be attached to the system.

The Fusion 4000-X Independent Channels Syringe Pump’s main feature is that it allows you to set two different parameters for each of the independent channels. Learn more about the features of this model here.

Fusion 4000-X Independent Channels Syringe Pump


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