The Function Of The Stop-Bar Of Chemyx F6000 Syringe Pump And How to Adjust Its Position

To adjust the stop bar on your Fusion 6000 high-pressure syringe pump, follow these two steps:

1. Take your syringe and press the plunger as far as it goes inside the barrel, then place it on your syringe pump as indicated in the image in Figure 1.

2. Loosen the stop-bar knob then press it all the way in (as indicated by the arrow in Fig 1 below).

The stop-bar on the Fusion 6000 high-pressure syringe pump is designed to allow you to control the distance the pressure block stops at. It is easily adjustable, simply twist the knob and position the stob-bar to the desired place and tighten the knot.

The stop-bar is an important safety part of all of the Chemyx syringe pumps. It is designed to stop the syringe pump from pushing the syringe beyond its capacity. Especially in the cases where the syringe is made out of glass, it is crucial to use the stop-bar to prevent the syringe pump from potentially breaking the syringe. CAUTION if you are using a glass syringe be especially careful in making sure that the stop-bar is adjusted in the proper position to prevent your syringe from breaking.

Watch this video demo:

To learn more about the Fusion 6000 high-pressure syringe pump visit the product details page here.


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