How To Set Up The Pressure Sensor For The Fusion 6000-X

Follow these steps to set up the pressure sensor for the Fusion 6000-X Chemyx Syringe Pump

  1. Attach the pressure sensor to your syringe:

  1. Place your syringe in the syringe pump:


  1. Plug the pressure sensor cable into the syringe, it should snap in place:


  1. Select the Pressure icon on the Fusion 6000 Syringe Pumps touch screen:


  1. In the “Pressure Settings” Select your “Target Pressure” by selecting the pressure number using the touch screen. Use the keypad to the right to set your pressure from 0 to 2,000 (max) PSI

Note that there are three functions in the “Pressure Settings” including: Stop flow at target pressure, Hold target pressure and modulate flow, with the flow rate adjustment.


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