How to Lubricate A Chemyx Syringe Pump

It is important to lubricate your syringe pump on a regular basis. If you run your syringe pump system everyday, then the it is recommended to lubricate it once a week. Lubricating your syringe daily is crucial if you work in a high acidic environment. Follow these steps to properly maintain your syringe pump.

  1. Clean the guide rods and screw rod with a clean cloth, do not use alcohol.
  2. Use a cloth or cotton swab with motor oil like a 5w30 to rub the guide rods and screw rod.
  3. Move the pusher block back and forth distributing the oil along the guide rods.
  4.  Then run on your syringe pump so the oil can be distributed along the screw rod.

Watch the video for a demo of how to lubricate an electronic syringe pump:

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