Features Of The Fusion 4000-X Syringe Pump

The Chemyx Fusion 4000-X Independent Channels Syringe Pump is an upgraded model of the Fusion 4000 Independent Channels Syringe Pump.


Fusion 4000-X Independent Channels Syringe Pump With Twp Syringe Packs on Both Channels

The key features of the Fusion 4000-X Syringe Pump Include:

Independent Mode: The Fusion 4000-X multi-channel syringe pump comes with a dual-drive system, allowing two independent pumping channels to be controlled for simultaneous infusion and withdrawal at same/different flows. This model operates as two syringe pumps in one platform, in which you can load two different syringe sizes and set up two different flow rates. This allows both syringes to operate in a variety of different ways to accommodate a wide range of applications.

Continuous Mode: Fusion 4000 multi-syringe pump also comes with continuous cycle mode (push-pull functionality) that will oscillate the 2 pump channels to provide non-stop flow.

Adding Racks: 2-Syringe Holding Infuse/Withdraw Rack For Fusion 4000-X

The 2 channel syringe rack allows you to use 2 syringes for each pump channel. You can add two racks to Fusion 4000-X. The maximum size of the syringe that can be used is 60mL plastic or glass syringes, or 50mL stainless steel syringes.

2-Syringe Holding Infuse/Withdraw Rack For Fusion 4000-X

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