Application: Pore-scale Imaging and Determination of Relative Permeability Using Chemyx Fusion 200

2.2 Instrumentation

The flooding experiments were performed at ambient conditions with a constant flow rate boundary condition at the inlet, and a constant pressure boundary condition at the outlet. Fluids were injected with a high-precision Chemyx Fusion 200 syringe pump. For each fluid type, a separate syringe was used. On the downstream side, a constant pressure boundary condition was realized by producing fluids into a vessel at atmospheric pressure. For preparation purposes, a vacuum pump was installed on the downstream side to evacuate the micromodel and the flow lines, and for pre-saturation. For imaging, the fluid phases in the pore space, a Leica DMi 8 high-end microscope with a wide-range automated xy table and an image stitching option was used, providing a high spatial resolution and a time resolution that allows for detailed investigation of displacement processes and fluid phase configurations. The images were recorded with a Leica DMC2900 camera.

Read the full article here: Pore-scale imaging and determination of relative permeability and capillary pressure in a mixed-wet carbonate reservoir rock at subsurface conditions

Authors: Amer M. Alhammadi* , Ying Gao, Takashi Akai, Martin J. Blunt, and Branko Bijeljic Department of Earth Science and Engineering, Imperial College London, SW7 2AZ, United Kingdom.

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