OEM Open Case Module

OEM Open Case Module

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The Chemyx OEM syringe pump is a bolt-on infuse-only microfluidic pump designed for integration into analytical instruments requiring precision flow functionality with a removable syringe. OEM series pumps are capable of delivering microliter accurate flows from a wide range of syringe sizes. This system is ideal for a multitude of applications like injection into a mass spectrometer, and microfluidics, and diagnostic instrument integration. Learn more about this OEM bolt-on microfluidic pump system.

Key  Features:

  • Smooth, Pulseless Flow
  • High Accuracy at Low Flow Rates
  • Pumps for Automatic Calibration

Every OEM syringe pump system does not include the power adapter and power cord. To include the accessories in the order please click on the below link:-

Available Accessories: