Chemyx Application Discount Guidelines & Example

Chemyx Inc. offers an application discount.

There is no need to write a professional journal-style paper, we ask for a simple summary of your application. See this example of an application discount submission:

Title of experiment: Human Eye Perfusion Culture

University or business name: Sample School of Medicine

Authors name: John Smith

Purpose of your experiment: This experiment is used to determine the outflow facility of the human eye and how compounds affect outflow.

Syringe pump used: Chemyx Fusion 200-X Syringe Pump with 11-Infusion / Withdraw Syringe Rack

How the syringe pump was used in your application: The Fusion 200-X syringe pump was used to infuse perfusion medium into human anterior segments and the pressure inside the eye was recorded. The pump was set as stepping mode so that the eye was perfused at different rates. This stepping function is very helpful and the programming feature is very user-friendly.

Minimum of one or more supporting images and or videos:

Chemyx Fusion 200-X Syringe Pump with 11-Infusion / Withdraw Syringe Rack


Please submit the answers to the following questions to

Title of experiment: 

University or business name: 

Authors name: 

Purpose of your experiment: 

Syringe pump used: 

How the Syringe Pump was used in your application: 

Minimum of one or more supporting images and or videos.

We look forward to your submission.

Please be informed that by submitting your paper you give Chemyx permission to publish the contents of your submission on the website.

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