Application: Investigation Of Severe Lunar Environmental Conditions Using Chemyx Fusion 6000 Syringe Pump.

2.3.2. Extrudability Extrudability is one of the critical parameters for 3D printing, and shows whether the materials can be extruded as a continuous and homogenous filament through the nozzles without any disruption. The extrudability of LG mixtures was performed by means of a high-pressure syringe pump (Fusion 6000, Chemyx, Inc.) with a constant pump rate of 25 ml/min at room temperature (RT) and in a vacuum thermal chamber at 80 C. In addition, to quantify the early age properties of the mixtures such as workability, consistency, and flow behavior, rheological characterization is required [26]. Yield stress and viscosity of the material can be considered as flow properties inside any pipe or complex shaped channel [27]. Therefore, rotational rheological measurements of fresh LG0, LG3, and LG5 were carried out using an Anton Paar MCR302 rheometer (Austria) at 80 C. The mixtures were tested using a PP25/P2 (parallel plate) plateeplate measuring system (diameter: 25 mm; inset I-PP50/SS) After loading the pre-heated mixture into the 80 C rheometer plate, the sample was kept in the rheometer at 80 C for 60 s, to ensure that the samples have the same temperature history. The samples were measured from 104 to 100 s1 using a logarithmic ramp with 1 s per data point and 61 data points. Yield stress values were estimated utilizing the Bingham model: t ¼ t0 þ mpg_ , where t is the shear stress, t0 is the yield stress, mp is the plastic viscosity, and g_ is the shear rate [28]. The data were fitted in the low shear rate range (g_ <0:01 s1) where the curves are linear.

2.3.3. Buildability The buildability of fresh LG mixtures was examined by means of a high-pressure syringe pump (Fusion 6000, Chemyx, Inc.) with a constant pump rate of 25 ml/min.

Read the full article here: Investigation of severe lunar environmental conditions on the physical and mechanical properties of lunar regolith geopolymers

Date Published: January 29, 2021

Authors: Shima Pilehvar, Marlies Arnhof, Andreas Erichsen, Luca Valentini, AnnaeLena Kjøniksen


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